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     Reed Flake grew up working cattle and horses for his family ranch. Later he went to Ricks college where he recieved a degree in ranch management. Reed has been announcing rodeos for over 20 years.  He has announced such events as the National High School Finals, the National Jr. High Finals, the Turquoise Circut Finals , the USTRC Finals and the George Strait Team Roping.  Along with his announcing ablilities he also works with his uncle Keith producing many videos for Rodeo Video and leasing cattle for team ropings etc. 
     Whether Reed is behind a microphone or talking to you in person he will put you at ease and make you feel comfortable, as if you have known him for years.  He enjoys traveling and meeting new and old friends alike.





Punkin Town- Rodeo Clown

“I’ve been a comedian all my life.” “We had lots of females in our family and I had to do something to get some attention!” Wherever there was a crowd, Punkintown was sure to be smack in the middle of it telling tales and funny stories. Soon the crowds grew to thousands and were coupled with entertainers such as Willie Nelson, Patty Lovelace, Aaron Tippin and many more.
He first realized his comedic potential when he was at basic training. He and a buddy were goofing off and Punkintown was doing a fine impression of his drill Sergeant… when he happened to walk in the door and catch him! “Private Hillbilly”, said the Sergeant, “You think you’re funny? Let’s see how funny you are!” The Sergeant then had him perform for other companies for $50 per show and the Sergeant kept the money! Needless to say the story goes on and the Sergeant is no longer Punkintown’s agent.
Punkintown has performed with some of the top rodeos in the country.
Punkintown combines clean hometown humor with stories that the young and old can relate to. This has made Punkintown a favorite as a conference and motivational speaker and of course rodeos nation wide. His various talents make him more than a clown; he is a rodeo entertainer.
His miniature horse act is adorable and his world champion Cloggin act is not to be missed!!
“Laughter does good like a medicine”, says Punkintown, “and I want everyone to get a good dose.”



Joe Butler

Born in Cushing Oklahoma Sept 24 1980. After graduating high school I attended a junior college in northeastern Oklahoma this is were my interest in fighting bulls began. After a year at junior college I transferred to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater Oklahoma were I got my bachelors degree in Animal Science. While attending OSU I fought bulls at a lot of amateur rodeos and bull riding then in 2003 I got my PRCA card and I started my professional career in bull fighting. My love for rodeo really grew I have traveled from border to border and coast to coast visiting many different rodeos. Since graduating college rodeo has really grown from a hobby to a way of living for me. In my career so far I have been honored to work some of the top rodeos in the country including circuit finals and bull riding finals. My hobbies include hunting, fishing, riding, roping and especially spending time with the family. You wont catch me without my bow or rifle preparing for upcoming hunting season and hoping I don’t miss out on chance to stop along way for hunting opportunity. Hope to see you all down the road



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